June 11th – John Williams – “ET theme tune”

In 1982, #ET, one of the greatest films ever opened. Hum along to #JohnWilliams theme tune.  #singing;#feelgood

ET Theme Tune

11-6 ET

11-6 Williams ET Theme

Click image above to buy song  from Amazon


Do you love this song?  Hate this song?  Think you have a better idea for a tune?  Do you have a special link to the event, anniversary or artist?  Let everyone know by clicking on the leave a comment link below.


Life long lover of singing - trying to share it with everyone

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One comment on “June 11th – John Williams – “ET theme tune”
  1. Debbie says:

    Love John Williams, but the one that stands out for me is Star Wars. My earliest memory of the movies was seeing this at age 7 and the opening notes still make my hair stand on end. I’m linking to a London Symphony Orchestra version – am so proud that a UK orchestra played such a major role in Hollywood movie-making.


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