Suggest a song

Why not suggest a song or tune to be featured on Today I’m Singing?  There are 365 songs a year to find, so I’d be glad of any assistance!  Please fill in the form below, listing:

  • The annniversary or event
  • The song
  • The date

Please be as “creative” as you like.  So far we’ve had “Ain’t no mountain high enough” for the first ascent of Everest and “Monster Mash” for the publication of the book Dracula, so if the link is a bit corny that doesn’t matter.  After all, the idea is to raise a smile early in the morning and give people something to sing or hum all day long.

So cheerful, happy tunes with an amusing link are very welcome.  Thanks!


Please make your suggested song a “classic”.  Something everyone knows, or should know.

Please make your suggested anniversary or event something national or global – not your pet rabbits birthday (even if you can think of a great song!)

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